Thursday, May 28, 2009

283. More stupid complaints against Palin

Sarah Palin improperly accepted a gift of a hockey stick from a youth hockey league. Also, the press release concerning her selection as vice presidential candidate was improper. In an interview, she expressed her opinion on a mining initiative. She also went to a breakfast for parents of children with Downs syndrome, leaving her staff to deal with Alaska's legislature for the day. She had meetings regarding being John McCain's running mate in her office, which was using state property to further her political future.

Those are five of the complaints against her.

Michael Geraghty, investigator for Alaska's State Personnel Board, is starting to dismiss complaints against Palin without bothering to waste time and money on hearings. The state is beginning to get sick of these stupid complaints, which they feel is beginning to seem like harassment and is wasting taxpayer's money.

Some guy who was turned down for a state job he applied for last year has files eight complaints against Palin. They were all dismissed without a hearing.

Radio talk show host Dan Fagan said that he felt the people filing these complains were just out to harass Palin, and to get their names in the paper. Now some are writing letters to the radio station to get Fagan fired.

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