Thursday, January 31, 2008

243. Why "no longer" The Northernmost Jew?

Someone asked me why I changed the title of this blog from "The Northernmost Jew" to "(no longer) The Northernmost Jew". Well, it's because I moved south. All the way to Anchorage.

To be fair, I never was really the northernmost. I met a Jewish man who lives in Kotzebue. And I know there is a family in Barrow, the northernmost city on the North American continent. I'm not sure how many are in northern Siberia.

The northernmost Jewish community that I know of is in Fairbanks, north of Anchorage but south of Deering. (The community was founded in 1904, the same year as Stuyvesant HS and the NYC subway system.)

The most northern place where anyone lives is Alert, one of the islands north of Canada. If I ever get to alert, I'll let you know. If anyone knows of a Jew who lives in alert, let me know. (I think Alert has a population of 5.)

Lattutude (locations listed N-S)
the North Pole (the real one, not the town) 90.00
Alert (Nunavet, Canada) 82.47
Barrow (Alaska) 71.30
Kotzebue 66.90
the Arctic Circle 66.56
Deering 66.08
Fairbanks 64.83
Anchorage 61.19
New York City 40.72
Jerusalem 31.78
the Equator 0.00

Monday, January 28, 2008

242. Another Dry Bones cartoon

Friday, January 11, 2008

241. Back to Alaska

After two weeks in Israel (where it was nice and warm) and a week in NYC (where it was somewhat warm except for one day) I was NOT in the mood to return to Anchorage where it is 8 F / -13 C.

But now that I'm here, I realize that it is a lot less bad than it sounds. It has been snowing pretty constantly, but there has been very little wind. It is nice and crisp outside, and rather pleasant.

(Although Deering was down at -30 F / -34 C, with a windchill of -46 F / -43 C. Buckland is predicted to be -45 F / -43 C. I think I'll stay down south in Anchorage.)

Of course, it is WAY better than NY at 90 F / 32 C .

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