Sunday, August 30, 2009

289. The last 3 Letters to the Editor of the Anchorage Daily News that I had printed

I don't understand why Snowzilla is considered any more of a nuisance than extravagant Christmas decorations that people drive by to see. Many outspoken people, especially talk show hosts, will defend people's rights to have these decorations. Perhaps Billy Powers should string some colored lights between Snowzilla's mittened hands and call it a Christmas decoration. He will then have people all over the country speaking out on his behalf. [printed December 28, 2008]

The article "Evidence mounts that dogs have morals," (May 17) said that evidence seems to indicate that dogs have morals, empathy, compassion, and emotions. I have just one word to say on behalf of dog owners everywhere: "Duh!" [printed May 21, 2009]

The Palins are being criticized for making too much of a fuss about Letterman's sexual remarks about their 14-year-old daughter. Can you imagine the outcry if similar remarks were made about Obama's daughters? [printed June 20, 2009]

Sunday, August 09, 2009

288. Waiting for surgery

An aquantance of a friend in Iceland desperately needs gall-bladder surgery. She is on a waiting list, and it will probably be another month at least. The doctors are just keeping her doped up on morphine until it is her turn for surgery.

I don't think I want socialized medicine.

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