Sunday, February 24, 2008

247. Bring Anchorage to the board!

The powers-that-be at Hasbro have decided to come out with a worldwide Monopoly edition.  They are having people vote for the cities that will be included as properties.  There will be 22 cities on the board.

Right now there is a list of 68 cities.  You can vote for up to 10 a day.  (I've been voting for Jerusalem, New York, Vancouver).  The top 20 votes-wise will make it to the board.

If you want a city that is not on their list, you are allowed to write in one city a day.  Anchorage did not make it to the list.  (Neither did San Francisco or Birobidzhan.)  The next stage will consist of people voting from the 20 cities that receive the most write-in votes.  So everyone has to go on and nominate Anchorage EVERY DAY while we can to get it into the top 20 of the write ins.

You can go vote at  .


While we are on the subject, if you look at the list of 68 cities, you will notice it does not say what countries the cities are in.  Would you like to know WHY?  Originally the list called each by city-comma-space-country.  But then someone got upset that Jerusalem was listed as "Jerusalem, Israel" and complained.  So Hasbro dropped the country names.


Wow, I managed to get in Alaska AND Israel into the same topic.  I rock!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

246. Newest coldest point

OBrien Creek, Alaksa was -67 F / -55 C.

Monday, February 04, 2008

245. Chandalar Lake update

yesterday -61 F / -52 C

Friday, February 01, 2008

244. Want to live in Chandalar Lake?

temperature yesterday: -56 F / -49 C.

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