Monday, January 19, 2009

273. Anchorage schools closed due to warm weather

The schools in Anchorage were closed for 3 days last week, Wednesday through Friday) due to weather. This rarely happens. However, the temperature soared and was around 44° F (7° C) for these days.

Sounds harmless enough, doesn't it? For the month previous, we had a lot of cold weather and a lot of snow. Then, when the weather got above freezing, the snow and ice began melting, and became wet ice. The city became a large ice skating rink. I was unable to make it to my car, parked on a slanted driveway. (And yes, I do have grippers / spikeys / cleats / whatever-you-call-them that go over my shoes.)

Right now there are a lot of puddles everywhere, the whole city is wet. The temperature is supposed to go back down below freezing sometime this week, and all this will become ice. Let's see what happens then...

I just found your blog! Very cool!

Have you been to the new Chabad building yet? Have we met? If not, why don't you come on Shabbos so we can! I will be the one with the twins running all around the place! :)

You know, all week it was actually colder in New York than in Anchorage!
When I told folks here it was 45 in Alaska, they were sorely aggrieved.
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