Sunday, November 23, 2008

268. Now a published T-shirt author!!!

I am now a published T-shirt author! Mental floss magazine was looking for new ideas for t-shirts, so I submitted an idea. They bought the idea for the sum of $125 plus a t-shirt. Here is the article from the magazine's blog:

(No, I am not telling you to buy one. I don't get commission or royalties or anything like that, so I don't care if you buy one or not!)

mazl-tov! I'll get one.
According to
gender analyzer
your blog is written by a man. Just saying.
Not being Jewish, I assumed that Haunika Harry is the northern most jew or the one Jewish-American, U.S. Navy Submarine commander who happens to be patrolling the arctic circle at the time. I had relatives in Cambridge Bay... I know the roads are bad in the winter.... I also have a blogspot:
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