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266. Sarah Palin for Vice President?

Friday morning I was woken up with an "OH MY GAWD!" from my roommate. The news had just come out - McCain had chosen Sarah Palin, Alaska's governor, to be his running mate. My friend Julie and I had joked about the possibility, but didn't really expect it to happen. Since then, everyone has been asking me for my thoughts on the matter. So here are some random thoughts on the matter, in no particular order:

I think she is a gutsy person. I believe she will do what she feels is right, not what she thinks is popular at the moment. And she won't care whom it pisses-off. I also think she is extremely intelligent.

She is very anti-choice. This I'm against. I think she would not even accept exceptions for the life of the mother.

My biggest problem with her is that she has had no foreign policy experience. No one knows where she stands on any international issues. In today's world, I think that foreign policy is the most important issue. And she is the running mate of a 72 year old cancer survivor.

She is for drilling for oil in ANWR. This is good IMO. Why should we be so dependent on foreign oil, when there is so much here? And most of the countries we are buying oil from are countries to whom I would rather not give money.

One of the criticisms of her I've been seeing is that she is the governor of a state of only 650 thousand people. But numbers is not the only issue. I think that Alaska had a more diverse population with unique problems. It is probably more challenging than other states to govern.

Is this pandering to women? Or at least the women who were upset when Hillary did not get the nomination? Many people seem to think so. However, McCain chose a woman who will NOT appeal to many of Clinton's supporters.

Is it pandering to the Evangelicals?

I think she has more experience than O'Bama, not that that is saying much.

She is currently under investigation for "abuse of power". I don't think anything will come of it. though. Her sister was involved in a messy divorce, and then Palin fired her sister's ex-husband.

She ran against the incumbent governor and won. That isn't that much of an accomplishment, though. I think my schnauzer could have won against Murkowski. (see entry #252)

On the internet I've seen several critisism of her for sponsoring a bill supporting what one called "aerial slaughter of wolves". She did support a bill in favor of killing wolves from airplanes. So what? I voted for the bill, although it was voted down. The native population depends on the meat they get from moose, and the wolves were a threat. It's not like people who are bored rent planes and go shoot wolves for the hell of it.

Having been a beauty queen is not a something in her favor for political office, but it shouldn't be a negative either. I've seen comments putting her down for it. People seem to think that, at least for women, attractiveness and intelligence are inversely proportional. That just isn't true. (Look at Danica McKellar!)

Other criticisms have been that she describes herself as a "hocky mom", although hockey is not a popular sport. And she mentions eating moose stew. Guess what - many Alaskans eat moose! Isn't it supposed to be better for the world if you eat local food?

All things considered, I like her.

Thank you, Amy, for posting about this. I'm guilty of pointing a couple of folks your way when they were looking for a Jewish Alaskan's opinion.
Yes, Juggling Frogs sent me, here, too. Thanks for the opinions. Not crazy about her extremeness about women's right to choose, but I like what else I have read and what you have to say.
↑ (juggling frogs is as)Guilty as charged !
Anywhoo than you for sharing your opinions - especially as an Alaskan.
Has she or anyone made any comments on her endorsements of Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul?
Re Palin and Buchanan:
I don't know the history that Ms. Chocolate is referring to, but there have been a couple of posts on the Volokh Conspiracy (a blog that focuses on the legal profession that refer to the issue. The most recent is titled "Obama Campaign Spokesman Repeats Lie About Palin and Buchanan" and dated 9/2/08 8:21 AM.
Re Palin and Buchanan:

Summing up, as a candidate, Buchanan visited Wasilla. Palin wore a Buchanan pin for the rally. Soon after she explained in a letter to the Editor of the Anchorage Daily News that she wore the pin out of courtesy, as she would for any Presidential candidate visiting her town.

Seems to me that it's much aqdo about nothing. And if we are to infer from that small episode any softness on Palin's part for anti-Semitism, then what does that say for Obama's long, more-involved association with the anti-Semite Jeremiah Wright?
Thanks for your input. I'd say she has more experience in the important things than Obama. And it's no crime to be pretty.

In April,

Come he will,

In May,

Sing all day,

In June,

Change his tune,

In July,

Prepare to fly,

In August,

Go he must!
~by maple story accounts
Although Gov. Palin has not been perfect in her interviews with the likes of Katie "Perky" Couric she isn't any where near as harmful to Jews than the left wing that slams her daily.

Two of the local bloggers show exactly what they are like and I'm talking "progressives" and not just liberals. I may not agree with liberals but I DO NOT trust so called progressives.

One Alaska blogger by the name of Philip "sit down rabbi and let me talk another 45 minutes" Munger has the blog....

and he has no use for any Jew that stands up to him. Also, if you go to the very beginning of his blog that started back in 2007 you will see him praising Gov. Palin quite a bit! Gee, Phil, what happened to you? Ya bum! I can't stand this goose-stepping creep that went by the screen name of "Gustav" on the old KUDO 1080 radio blog. We had a few discussions on Israel but they never went anywhere because Phil/Gustav never wanted to go any farther back in history then the 1960s when it came to talking "Palestine". Odd how that works with anti-Jews/Israel types, huh?

Another local Anchorage blogger by the name of Linda Kellen Biegel, who also writes one-sided BS articles for the "daily dead fish wrapper" aka Anchorage Daily News is another one a Jew can't trust unless you are kow-towing to her anti-Israel crowd. Her blog started at....

but now is at....

So, Palin is being used as a punching bag and yes she probably believes in trying to convert everyone to her religion but I'd trust her sooner than I would the likes of Linda or Phil and their buddies. The hard core left is not a friend of the Jew! But that is just my not so humble opinion.

On a lighter note...

I hope you all had a wonderful Rosh Hashannah and will have an easy fast on Yom Kippur!

O'Bama? He's not Irish...

Sarah Palin is an absolute joke, and although I do not agree in anyway with your opinion, I will defend to the death your right to think this way.

Love you Mom!


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To the extent that Sarah Palin is an "absolute joke," it's only because the media made her one. They picked up and exaggerated anything they could get that made her look bad -- and in some cases made things up. Meanwhile Biden, making a gaffe a minute was given a free pass.
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