Friday, July 04, 2008

261. Re: Presidential Primaries

Hillary Clinton did not win the primary. Good thing too. If she became president, it would probably further alienate the US from the rest of the world. When leaders come to the US, the leader hangs out with our president, and their spouse hangs out with the president's spouse. Would world leaders, who are almost always male, want their wives to hang out with Bill?

Well, it seems Obama has two issues he needs to smooth over before the election. One is repairing the damage from his primary battle against Clinton, and the other is the hurt that Michele seems to put on whenever she speaks in public.

There is a simple and elegant solution to both problems.

I can;t believe no one has thought of it.

Instead of offering Clinton the vice-presidency. . .

Obama should marry her.

This might solve some problems for her as well.
We feel you have made a good point. Hilary would be a problem since she could not relate well to minority groups. I do feel she would make a great Vice President. What she lacks Obama has and vise versa.
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If elected, Obama will be an unmitigated disaster. With or without Clinton.
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