Saturday, May 17, 2008

257: quote from Barak Hussein Obama Jr

Obama was being interviewed for Atlantic magazine.

Question: "Do you think that Israel is a drag on America's reputation overseas?"

Obama's answer: "No, no, no. But what I think is that this constant wound, that this constant sore, does infect all of our foreign policy. The lack of a resolution to this problem provides an excuse for anti-American militant jihadists to engage in inexcusable actions, and so we have a national-security interest in solving this, and I also believe that Israel has a security interest in solving this because I believe that the status quo is unsustainable. I am absolutely convinced of that, and some of the tensions that might arise between me and some of the more hawkish elements in the Jewish community in the United States might stem from the fact that I'm not going to blindly adhere to whatever the most hawkish position is just because that's the safest ground politically."

Hamas political adviser Ahmed Yousef told WABC radio his group hopes Obama will win the presidential election

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