Sunday, May 11, 2008

256. Happy Mother's Day!

A local radio station asked people to call in and say why their mother is special. I called in. So, here is why my mother is special.

When I lived in New York, I had irregular working hours, and I got hooked on "The Bold and the Beautiful". Then we moved to Portland, OR, where B&B was not shown. My mother taped B&B every day and mailed me the tapes. She's great, not just for sending me the tapes themselves, but this shows that she is willing to humor me on silly things.

She won a dessert coupon from some restaurant around here, but since it is a bit out of her way (she lives in NY) she said I could have it.

Happy Belated Mothers' Day, Amy.

I feel the same way about my mother. When we moved to this house, we brought our refrigerator with us. The previous kitchen was almond-colored. This kitchen had white appliances.

My mother saw this, and arranged to have my refrigerator painted white to match the other appliances.

This "silly little thing" is an example of how her generosity overwhelms me in its comprehensiveness. That she cares about me, enough to care what color my refrigerator is (even when I, frankly, didn't care about it...) still blows my mind, almost nine years later, (and two months after we finally retired that refrigerator).

I hope there was a way to send a copy of that radio moment to your mother!

All the best,
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