Tuesday, March 11, 2008

250. The Running of the Reindeer

Spain has The Running of the Bulls.  We have The Running of the Reindeer.  No one was hurt except for a few people who slipped on the ice.  It was too crowded for me to be able to take pictures, so here are some pictures other people took.  Some people thought it was sick that vendors were selling reindeer sausages, but I figure that livestock shows sell hamburgers, so it is OK as long as no one feeds any to the reindeer.

any chance of getting copies of these images in larger formats?
You can mail the larger 'Running of the Reindeer' images to gWorksMedia@live.com - they MAY be used for the official website!
I don't have the right to these pictures; other people sent them to me.

However, this winter I plan to take a lot of pictures of almost everything.
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