Friday, January 11, 2008

241. Back to Alaska

After two weeks in Israel (where it was nice and warm) and a week in NYC (where it was somewhat warm except for one day) I was NOT in the mood to return to Anchorage where it is 8 F / -13 C.

But now that I'm here, I realize that it is a lot less bad than it sounds. It has been snowing pretty constantly, but there has been very little wind. It is nice and crisp outside, and rather pleasant.

(Although Deering was down at -30 F / -34 C, with a windchill of -46 F / -43 C. Buckland is predicted to be -45 F / -43 C. I think I'll stay down south in Anchorage.)

Of course, it is WAY better than NY at 90 F / 32 C .

I apologize for the weather in New York.
chocolate lady:

I'm glad SOMEONE takes responsibility!
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