Saturday, December 15, 2007

238. Walking to work

Alaska is the state with the most people who walk to work, 7.4%. This is because of little villages like Deering, where everything is within half a mile of everything else, there are no roads that lead there so it is difficult to get cars, and gas costs like $10/gallon. The national average is 2.5%.

As fat as cities go, Boston was names the "large city" with the most people who walk to work at 12.5%. In case you are curious, New York City has 9.4%. We have villages which are not "large cities" so they don't make the list, but almost 100% of the people walk to work.

We really enjoy reading your blog when it is personal and not one liners. We would like to know more about you and the people in Deering. We are a disabled couple and dream of living in villages such as Deering but do not know if it would be possible, given our disablities. We have a blogI am working on,"Isolated and Rural Jews in the Diaspora". Hope we can e-mail one another and get acquianted.
Micaiah Ben Malichi
Makedah Bat Leah
Minnesota USA
"as fat as cities go"

because they should, like, get more walking.
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