Sunday, December 16, 2007

239. Airport Lounge

I'm currently in Newark Airport, first class lounge, waiting for my flight to Tel Aviv. (I'm not flying first class, but I got in with some people who are.) Almost everyone here is on a laptop. (There is free wireless access, and the tables have electrical outlets on them.) It just seems strange to look around and see everyone ignoring everyone else on a laptop. (Myself included, I suppose.) The few that are not are reading or talking on cell phones. My daughter is several tables down because we couldn't all find electrical outlets near each other. She says that if I want her I can IM her.

But wait - There is a group of people over there sitting together, and actually TALKING to each other. Three men, two women, a few little kids, all pretty religious looking. They actually look like they enjoy each other's company. Talking - is that allowed in here?

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