Tuesday, September 25, 2007

233. Anyone in Portland OR reading this?

If anyone reading this is in Portland, the Jewish Students Union is putting up their succah in the Park blocks at Portland State University from 10 am to 3 pm. Go help them!

Shalom! Unfortunately, I read your blog too late, otherwise I would've headed down there. :)
Safe to assume you lived here? Where did you attend shul? How long were you here? How did you end up in Alaska? L'Shalom, Daniel
Yup, lived in Portland for about 15 years.

I sort of shul-hopped. Went to services at Women's Tfillah Group, Chabad, The Egalitarian Shul, The Vermont Street Synagogue, Gesher, (I think that's it).

Portland was laying off teachers just as my daughter moved out of the house. I was looking for a job teaching, and on a lark I had my information sent to the Northwest Arctic Borough School District. They had me come teach in Deering, in Northern Alaska. I took my recently acquired schnauzer, Max.

When I left Deering, I was not sure where to go. I had sold the house in Portland, since, even if I moved back to Portland, I wouldn't need the house without my daughter. Several people in various parts of the country offered "Why don't you come stay with me? I'm sure you can find someone to take Max of your hands." My friends in Anchorage said "Why don't you and Max come stay with us." So, here I am.
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