Thursday, August 02, 2007

228. Top reasons to live in the Arctic (from Kotzebue's website)

  1. This sort of nonsense doesn't happen in the latitudes of the far North. (see pics)
  2. Thunder (and Lightning) storms are vanishingly rare.
  3. 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit are considered HOT days.
  4. 24 hour sun for 20 days in June, 24 hour Dark for 20 days in December, equal 12hr sun/dark at March and September Equinoxes. Always changing!
  5. The Sun is in a different position at any given time of the day. In other words, that morning commute 'sun in your eyes' will only be for about a week.
  6. Aurora Borealis -the Northern Lights- always inspiring and viewable 6-9 months of the year!
  7. No fleas, no cockroaches, no ticks, few spiders (unless you bring 'em with you).
  8. Little chance of sunburn, sunstroke or skin cancer.
  9. Less light pollution for viewing the stars and planets.
  10. Less crowding, less traffic. You can usually walk where you need to go.
  11. Cold air is heavier, so aircraft fly better in the cold (to a certain degree).
  12. With Global Warming, the climate is only improving! '

No fleas, no cockroaches, no ticks, few spiders

...but what's this i hear about mosquitos the size of fighter jets? :-P
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