Saturday, April 28, 2007

222. Kosher Restaurant

Anchorage has a kosher restaurant! They don't have a mashgiach, but they use all kosher ingrediwnts, ordering their meat from Albertson's in Seattle. They are Falafel King, on 1oth and Gambell. Great schwarma!!!


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I believe this is what you'd call a "kosher-style" restaurant.
in Alaska?
i thought "kosher style" uses kosher ingredients but doesn't follow the rules of what to do with them; mixing milk and meat, for instance.
I think "kosher style" means pastrami & chicken soup & etc., but treyfe.
I'm going to forward this link to my Alaska-travelling friends!
Thanks for the info! This is awesome. My friend and I will be in Alaska next week (and Anchorage for Sun/Mon/Shabbas). We'll definitely enjoy the falafel :) Maybe I'll see you in town!
i eat there all the time and i am great friends with the owners their shawarma and grilled chicken is amazing
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