Thursday, February 22, 2007

219. More letters to the editor re: "Big Wild Life"

Letters printed in the Anchorage Daily News:

Big Wild Life? Sounds like an ad for the zoo. As a life-long resident of Anchorage, I say we have "360 degrees of Awesome." (by someone else, 2/12)

It took two marketing firms, one from out-of-state, to come up with the three words Big Wild Life? A contest for schoolchildren with a prize of $1,000 would have resulted in a better choice. Our state flag is a good example. Think of the money saved for our city's strained budget. (by someone else, 2/13, Our state flag was designed by a jr. high school kid in a contest)

I would like to submit an alternative slogan for Anchorage, without charging anyone for it: "Where you can call in late for work because there is a moose blocking your car." (by ME, 2/13)

Big Wild Life? I think they had one too many at Chilkoot Charlie's. (by someone else, 2/14, Chilkoot Charlie’s is a local pub)

…"Larger than life" says it all, and I could come up with a dozen more, but no one asked me… (by someone else, 2/17)

Whose idea was it to get rid of a great slogan like "Wild About Anchorage" and replace it with "Big Wild Life"? Is it the same person who came up with New Coke? (by ME, 2/18)

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