Tuesday, January 16, 2007

216. I lost my pickles!

I LOVE half-sour pickles. The really big ones. Also, they are pretty low calorie. (Don't bother telling me about sodium!) Unfortunately, they are impossible to find outside of the NYC area. (I once went to Canter's Deli - the famous one in LA - and asked for a half sour pickle. They gave me half a sour one.) Since I was in NYC for a couple of weeks, I bought some to take back with me. (Mazer's Deli in Little Neck has the best.) Last time I did this, I put the pickles in a bag I checked and the juice leaked over the whole bag. This time I carried the container in my jacket pocket. Yes, they separated my jacket for hand inspection, but OKed it. I got my pickles on the first plane, through the connection in Seattle, and to Anchorage. I do remember taking it off the plane in AK. Then I lost it somewhere in the airport. My annoyance at myself for losing them is balanced by wondering the reaction of whoever finds the container of pickles with a label from a deli in Queens.

Actually, whoever finds the pickles prbably won't find it particularly puzzling. You did, afterall, leave them in a major international airport.
that's it, go spoil all my fun
Oh, it is so sad that you lost your pickles, especially after transporting them all the way to Seattle. I hope that the person who found them was sufficiently bewildered and also enjoyed them immensely. Maybe they will be inspired to visit New York and then open a place in the West that makes decent half-sours. Maybe even in Alaska. Stranger things have happened.

This reminds me of the sad story of Little Red and her
I wonder if there are other tales of food gone astray at airports.
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