Wednesday, January 10, 2007

215. Driving in snow

I never had to drive in snow before. In NY, I just took public transportation everywhere. In Portland, the schools would close the few days there was snow, and I could take the bus if I needed to get anywhere. In Deering, you could not get away from the snow, but I did not have to drive anywhere, and those that did used snowmachines. (Boy, can those snowmachines get around!!)

Everyone gets studded tires. Not everyone got them in time for the snow (I did) and many places that change the tires were open 24/7 for a while after the first snow. (Did people not see it coming?)

It was very strange, Amy, to find some other blog that consists entirely of your postings.

It's weird!
Whoa, you're right! I have absolutely NO idea who's keeping that blog.
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