Thursday, October 26, 2006

206. Deering Update

I spoke with some people in Deering. Here is an update.

They are building a new water tank. This way they can begin the winter with twice as much water and not run out.

Over the summer they had contractors improve the school building. It was not finished in time for the shool year, so classes were meeting in the teachers' houses. It has been finished since, and all the students are back in the school. I don't remember what all was planned, but I do know that now there are bleachers in the gym.

Every household in Deering is getting 100 gallons of heating oil as a present from Hugo Chavez. I'm not sure why - I think Chavez is trying to show that Bush is not in tune with the needs of Americans. I think every village that is at least 80% Native can get the oil. Consider that (a) heating oil is about $7 a gallon in Deering, (b) jobs are scare in Deering, (c) households need a lot of heating oil in the winter. Four villages decided to refuse the oil. (To be honest, if I was one of the people living in Deering who did not have my heating oil included in my rent to the school district, I'd take the oil.)

It has not yet snowed in Deering. (It did snow today in Anchorage.)

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