Tuesday, September 05, 2006

201. More Veggie Pics

Someone posted a comment to entry # 199 asking for more pictures of the vegetables, preferably ones with people posing with them. The fair was over, but I found these on the web.

Scott Robb and his 81.70 pound kohlrabi, a new world record.

Brenna Dinkel, 11, and Bruce, her 73.4 lb cabbage. Last year she had an 85 lb cabbage. The record was set in 2000 with a 105.6 cabbage.

I could not find a good picture of the 1,019 lb. pumpkin.

Wow, thanks, this is great.

That Brenna pic reminds me of Thumbelina. I think I once had a book about a tiny girl who slept inside a cabbage or something like that.
yummy and healthy, too
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