Monday, August 28, 2006

199. GIANT veggies

Because we have so many hours of sunlight in the summer, vegetables grow really big. Here are some pictures of vegetables from the state fair. (I put the dollar bill in the pictures so you can get an idea of the size of the vegetables.)

1. Turnips

2. This kohlrabi is 81.70 lbs, a new world record

3. Red leafed cabbage that I could not get close enough to to put down the dollar bill, so go by the size of the ribbon

4. Cabbage

5. The blue ribbon squash weighs 5.57 lbs

6. The front zuchinni weighs 15.79 lbs

7. This beet weighs 16.47 lbs

8. Another type of cabbage

Vegetables: Not as yummy as animals
This is amazing! I would love to see more pictures if you get a chance. Would it be possible to pose some people near the vegetables?
These are totally great! I had no idea about the sunlight thing, though it makes perfect sense.

Just as yummy as animals, IMHO.
No. Not as yummy as animals. Animals are yummier. Especially the cute furry ones. They are the yummiest. Animals -- Yummy. Vegetables -- Feh.
What wonderful visual evidence of "the shrinking dollar"!
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