Tuesday, August 01, 2006

195. You asked, I answer

Questions New Yorkers asked me about Deering:

Q: Do Eskimos really send the elderly out on ice flows?

A: Not to the best of my knowledge. With their skills of subsistance living, they probably could make a harpoon out of ice, and live happily on seal meat in a seal-skin hut.

Q: Which is worse - light 24 hours or dark 24 hours?

A: I found constant light to be more of a disconcerting. In Portland and New York I've always had some days when I've woken up in the dark and gone home in the dark. I could not get used to going to sleep while it is still bright outside. One night I was up talking to someone and thought it was maybe ten-thirty. Then I looked up and saw it was after 2 am.

Questions Deeringers (Deeringites?) ask about New York:

Q: Why are all the taxi cabs yellow?

A: Why not? People in New York mostly don't phone for a cab, they just hail one they see on the street. It helps to recognize them when they are all the same color, especially a color that is different than other cars.

Q: What are black and white cookies that Jerry loved on Seinfeld?

A: Large cookies. The base is sort of a tastless cookie. It is iced with half iced with white icing and the other half in a dark brown icing. (see pic)

I am glad to learn that one of the Deering questions involves both Jewish food and chocolate.

It is true that the black and white cookies available these days are largely tasteless, but this was not always the case. I think the cookies have become a victim of their own success. People realized you could sell just about cookie, no matter how cottony, if it was big enough and had black and white icing.
Something must be going on with black and white cookies; I saw an article about them in the New York Times and I happened to mention them in my blog yesterday. Strange...

--Jeff (friend of the Chocolate Lady)
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