Thursday, July 27, 2006

193. Stuffed Meese

The store near me is having a sale on huge stuffed mooses. (Yes, I know this is incorrect, but if i said "stuffed moose" it sounds like dinner.) More than half off! I got one. My 6 other stuffed mooses can all ride him. Here are some pictures. (I am making this post because I mentioned it on my internet chat group and they wanted to see pictures, and the easiest way I can show them the pictures is to put it on this blog.)

Well, we can see the size of the new moose relative to the old moose, but there is no element in the picture to give us a clue about how big it is if we are not familiar with the old moose. Please post a picture of the moose next to Max or a common household object.

On a related note, my recipe for chocolate mousse can be found in this year's

Peysekh Survival Guide
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