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192. The Situation with Israel

I received a comment:

"Don't you have anything to say about Israel? At this time, just about everything else is irrelevant."

On one hand, this is correct. The situation with Israel is pretty serious at the moment, and anything I say about other topics is pretty much pointless fluff.

On the other hand, I have made it pretty obvious where I stand on Israel, and most people who have been reading my blog can pretty much guess where I stand. I can't really say much that hasn't been said by experts.

But here goes.



The violence from the Palestinians in Gaza has been blamed by the media on the Israeli occupation of Gaza. However, this occupation began in 1967. Previously, the Gaza strip was part of Egypt. The PLO began in 1964. Did they call for violence against Egypt to liberate the Gaza strip? No, their goal was the destruction of Israel. (At this time the West Bank was part of Jordan.)

Israel withdrew from Gaza. The Palestinians were in charge there for the first time ever. Did they put their energy into creating a country, setting up hospitals and schools? No. They fire rockets into Israel and build a tunnel under the border to enter Israel and attack.

They attacked. Israel fought back. It is a war. When you attack a country, you can’t whine that they fought back.

Hamas’s objection is not that the Gaza strip or the West Bank was held by Israel. It is Israel’s existence. One Israel gives up the annoying habit of being there in the first place, Hamas will be happy.

For more on the subject, here is a column from Time magazine:,10987,1209965,00.html



I was living in Jerusalem in 1982 when Israel first went into Lebanon. Hezbollah was attacking northern Israel from southern Lebanon. Israel would like the Northern part of the country to be safe, so they went in to stop Hezbollah. Israel has since withdrawn from Lebanon.

Now Hezbollah is attacking Israel again. Of course Israel is going to fight back! Duh!!!!

The world is complaining that the Israeli action is “disproportionate”. What do they want? Israel will be attacked, Israel should counter attack proportionately (whatever that means) and then Israel sits and waits to be attacked again, goes in and fights back again proportionately, and then waits for the next attack? Not acceptable!

Yes, it is too bad that Lebanon is caught in the middle. However, if you allow one group to use your country to attack a neighboring country, you kind of have to expect this.

What would the US do if Mexico was allowing a terrorist group to use their country to attack the US?

For more on the subject, here is a column:


A few other comments:

I read a column by Israeli satirist Ephraim Kishon called “So Sorry We Won” about the Six Day War. It talked about what would have happened had Israel lost that war. Israel was destroyed. The Israelis were all killed. The rest of the world began mourning the brave little country. Israel’s popularity was soaring off the charts. It ended by saying that it is too bad Israel won the war; they may never get another chance to get so popular.

After Israel went in to Lebanon in 1982, and the news reported on it, we later found out a lot of the information about the destruction there was B.S. The statistics wee supplied by the local Red Crescent, run by Arafat’s brother. Let’s see what happens this time around.

Yaasir Arafat gave very different speeches in English than he gave in Arabic. In an Arabic speech, after he had been criticized for making deals with Israel, he referred to a battle Mohammed fought. Mohammed was not strong enough to defeat this enemy. Instead, he made a peace treaty with them. Then, when their defenses were down, he went in and defeated them.

We hear a lot about the poverty of the Palestinians. Consider three facts: (a) The Palestinians are living in poverty. (b) The Palestinians have received billions of dollars in aid from many sources including the US, Israel, and Europe. (c) Arafat’s wife received an allowance of $100,000 a month and he was once listed in Forbes as one of the richest men on the planet.

Here is an article on the situation in the Middle East:

Thank you. I've been reading your blog for a little while and I guessed at how you felt. However, your excellent viewpoint regarding Israel needed an update and the "northernmost people" probably needed some clarifications too. I am the person who made the first comment and don't have my own blog.
thank you
It never hurts to repeat, repeat and repeat some more.
The more voices out there the better!
I see the Alaska bug has biten you and now you are filling out applications for the university.
I think that is great!
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