Saturday, July 15, 2006

189. Governor Frank Murkowski campaign ad

Governor Frank Murkowski is running for reelection. He has a pretty catchy jingle to a tune similar to that of "Okie from Muskogee":


We don't like being threatened in Alaska
And we don't take our orders from D.C.
We don't care about some PETA boycott
And we might shoot some wolves from DC-3s.

We don't fill our freezers at Fred Meyer
It's not how real Alaskans get their meat.
We like building roads, pumping oil,
And the state of this here state is flipping sweet.

And I'm proud to be supporting Frank Murkowski
He's a man that's not afraid to take some licks.
He might not win awards for his charisma
But Alaska's gonna need Frank in '06.


If you want to hear this being sung, go to .

OK, it is not s good as Walter O'Brien's "The MTA Song" which he used as a campaign song in 1948 when he ran for Mayor of Boston. O'Brien lost though. If you are interested in the words and history of that song, go to .

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