Saturday, June 17, 2006

183. NYC

I definitely lost some of my NY edge. I had to hold on in the subway or I would fall when the train lurched. I found a siren annoying. (I haven't actually lived in this city for 16 years. The last time I visited was Pesach 2005.)

I was in Grand Central Terminal, and I realized that there were these people around me that I DID NOT KNOW!! THOUSANDS OF THEM!!!! If you live here (or almost anywhere) you pass strangers!

I forgot how mindbogglingly delicious a good pastrami sandwich is. Recomendation: Ben's Best, on Queens Boulevard - they have great pastrami and know how to make a sandwich where the bread strains to hold the meat. For pizza, go to Lucia's on Roosevelt Avenue. The Italian ices are great at The Lemon Ice King of Corona, but there is an ices place on Lexington around 80th street who are willing to mix flavors in a pint (A pint can have 1 scoop each of 7 flavors.)

Welcome back to NYC!
Until this past year my visits back were infrequent, and I always felt like Rip Van Winkle.

But amazingly, even this past year, they speak to me in Spanish!
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