Wednesday, May 31, 2006

175. Addresses

I don't know if the street in front of my house has a name. Google-Earth calls it "
Front Street". I think I saw "Main Street" somewhere. The plans for the school renovation call it "Unnamed Road". So I just put the street line of my address as "#19". This was not good enough for Wells Fargo Bank, who list me street address as "The brownish house with antlers by the door" (see pics, taken several months apart). Connie's house (she's another teacher) is listed with them as "The red house next to the beach".
It doesn't really matter; everything goes to the post office anyway. I did get a letter addressed to "The Northernmost Jew /
Deering AK" (with no name). The woman at the post office knows who everyone is. I also received a post card from out of state addressed to ONLY (no name or anything) "99736-0075" The last 4 digits of our 9-digit zip codes is the PO box.

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