Monday, May 15, 2006

174. We buy, they fly

There is a pizza shop that delivers to Deering - from Nome! Frontier Airlines will fly the pizza to whatever village it is ordered from, as long as it is on one of their standard flights. Frontier does not charge for this service.

Their slogan is "You buy, we fly."

Frontier's daily flight from Nome to Deering leaves at 8 am, and Airport Pizza opens at 11 am. They will take a half-baked pie over to the airline the night before, and when you get it in the morning, just bake it the rest of the way. Most of the pizzas they deliver they send out half-baked so the recipient can finish baking it and have it fresh.

Their website is

I am delighted to hear you can get pizza delivered to Deering! Coincidentally, both Paz and In were writing about Pizza today!
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