Friday, May 12, 2006

173. Government stupidity

Here is a picture of the post office. Notice the wheelchair ramp. This is nuts – there is no way anyone in a wheelchair could get around Deering. Right now half the ramp is under a snowbank. There is also a picture of the handicapped parking sign. This sign is up even though there is no official parking lot. People park by the side of the road, wherever it makes sense, and there are no official parking spots anywhere. My guess is that the federal government says that every post office must have wheelchair access and handicapped parking, whether it makes sense or not.

A comparable situation in the rest of the US is Braille on the drive-through ATMs. I have included pictures o those too, e-mailed up to me from the contiguous 48. I assume the drive-through ATMs have Braille because the federal government says that all ATMs must have Braille, even though the blind should not be driving.

I read about some guy who owned a campground with three roads through it. The government got on his case because the roads did not have names and they said he needed to name them so they could be listed on maps. He named them “Bureaucracy” “Causes” and “Expense”.

International problem.
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