Thursday, May 11, 2006

168. Inupiaqs and Jews

One question that I have been asked is what the people in Deering think of Jews. Keep in mind that I am the only Jew many of them have met, and those that have met other Jews have probably not been aware of it. Well, the truth is, they don’t (think about Jews, that is). Most people here have heard of Jews, but don’t really know what one is. Many people have asked me questions like “Do Jews believe in G-d?” We are covered in history class – the ancient history textbook has a chapter on Jews from Avraham through the year 70 C.E. The modern history textbook has a chapter on Jews from 1935 through the present. I guess that fair is fair – how many Jews in New York, or even Anchorage, know anything about the Inupiaq? Of course there are no public figures making ridiculous public comments about the Inpiaq, while lots of figures are ranting about the Jews. (Who was it who was complaining recently that we control the world and get people to die for us “by proxy”? He certainly did not have the same imagination as the guy who announced that the “Tom and Jerry” cartoons were a Jewish plot. And if a group of thirteen million people can so control a planet of six billion, doesn’t that make everyone else out to be kind of pathetic?) You now something? If there had been more groups that did not bother thinking about Jews at all, Jews would have been a lot better off.

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