Tuesday, May 09, 2006

167. Weather

It is not supposed to snow in May!!! (It was snowing this morning.)

The temperature gets up to about 30 F (-1 C).

It is light out 24/7. According to weather websites, sunset is around midnight and sunrise is about 5, but it is still light between them. Makes it feel earlier than it is at night.

We stil have snowbanks taller than I am around town. The snow absorbs heat from the sun though, and is melting. The roadway is kind of muddy.

(In case you are interested, it is -100 F / -74 C in Vostok.)

I have had 168 degrees F difference between my hottest weather and my coldest weather. This winter it got down to -46 F (-43 C) and when I lived in Phoenix (AZ) it got up to 122 F (50 C).

G'day! I have found your blog quite interesting. I live in Tasmania, the southern most State in Australia and Tassie always cops bad press on the mainland about being a cold place. But compared to where you are, it's almost tropical here! We are having our coldest winter in 30 years. Over night we had about 3C but today should reach 13C. We have had quite a bit of snow, but only on the higher peaks, (that is slightly unusual for May). I found your blog by clicking 'next blog' from mine, which is found here: http://theweatherfish.blogspot.com/

I take it that you are the only Jew in Deering? By the way, I'm a strong supporter of Israel, which is not that common here and people often wonder why I have a Israeli flag displayed at my workstation - considering I'm not Jewish - so it makes for interesting conversations and I'm amazed at the level of anti-Semitism evident even here.

Stay well and enjoy the summer :-)
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