Tuesday, May 09, 2006

166. Some good websites

I gave my stuents a list of websites thay might like or find useful. Many of them are puzzle website we used in the math elective class. For anyone out there who might like the list, here it is.

Griddlers http://www.griddlers.net/

Assorted logic-type puzzles (griddlers, cross-sums, sudoku, the other types of puzzles that give you pictures, mazes, etc.) http://conceptispuzzles.com/

Set puzzle http://www.setgame.com/set/puzzle_frame.htm

Logic problems (the type that tell a story and you have to match up what went with what) http://www.puzzles.com/Projects/LogicProblems.html

Cross Sums (Kakro) http://www.pro.or.jp/~fuji/java/puzzle/crosssum/index-eng.html

Logical problems (links to other types of problems and problems of varying difficulty) http://www.nickvautier.com/puzzles/

Nonograms (same thing as griddlers) http://www.geocities.com/activityworkshop/puzzlesgames/nonograms/

Paint-by-numbers (same thing as griddlers)

help with any math topic: http://mathforum.org/dr.math/

Games online http://games.yahoo.com/games/front

Sudoku puzzles http://www.dailysudoku.co.uk/sudoku/index.shtml

Tower of Hanoi http://mazeworks.com/hanoi/ or http://www.lhs.berkeley.edu/Java/Tower/Tower.html

Assorted interactive math puzzles http://www.cut-the-knot.org/games.shtml

Here is a good online sudoku site : http://www.misterfast.com/uk/free-sudoku-puzzles.html
Nice game
I prefer free nonograms online: Nonograms Online.
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