Thursday, May 04, 2006

163. Graduation

Today was graduation. (The school year here runs rom the middle of August through early May. They do a few things to shorten the school year, including having only 2 days off for spring break and having teachers' inservice days on the weekends.)

Here are pictures from the graduation. They are

Graduates from kindergarten to 1st grade (L-R): Brandi S., Jeremiah I., Mary H.

Graduates from elementary school to middle school (L-R): Becky-Sue D., Elizabeth B.-S., Katherine G., Tinmiaq H., Patrick B.

Graduates from middle svhool to high school (L-R): Melvin J., Darla G., Gilford B., Bobbie-Sue I.

Graduates from high school to life (L-R): Mary W., Larry J., Alice J.

I think all the kids with the same last initial here have the same last names and many are siblings. Tinmiaq is Ting, whose picture is earlier on this blog.

Alice is the valedictorian. Alice and Mary are going to college next year and Larry is going into the military.

The theme of the graduation was "Life means taking chances, dealing with changes, and saying goodbye." The ceremony was pretty short and sweet.

mazltov, graduates!
So what do you do for the 'summer'>
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