Monday, April 24, 2006

157. Northern Exposure (the TV show)

A number of people have asked me if I've seen Northern Exposure, a television show that was on from 1990 - 1995. The main premise is that Joel, a Jewish guy from New York City, needed a scholarship for medical school. The only scholarship that came through required him to work in Alaska for four years after becoming a doctor. He had figured on being assigned to Anchorage, but instead he ends up in a small town called Cicely (which does not really exist). I had seen a few episodes years ago, but did not remember much, so I got the first DVD (with only two episodes) from Netflix.

If you are familiar with the show, this is how Cicely and Deering compare. Deering is much smaller. It is also more remote (which is obvious since Joel takes a bus to Cicely from Anchorage). Deering is much colder, which makes sense since it is much farther north (Some people on Northern Exposure bathe in the lake which does not freeze over in the winter. The river here is frozen most of the year.) Cicely allows alcohol. (I am not sure what percent of small villages are "dry".) Deering has a bigger library than Cicely does.
If there was a school in Cicely, they did not show it in the first two episodes.
One way I can really sympathize with Joel. He gets frustrated when things don't work right, like his plumbing. People around him assume you just fix things as they go wrong, while Joel has always called in a professional.

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