Sunday, April 23, 2006

156. Unrelated-to-anything Thoughts

There is a famous photograph from June 1972 of a girl in South Vietnam naked, running from a napalm attack. I can't imagine anyone, even a war photographer, stopping there at that moment to take a picture.
You think there is anyone who did NOT die in 9-11 who is letting all their previous acquaintances think they died and is using the opportunity to disappear?

A somewhat unrelated comment:
I was here in lower Manhattan on September 11. When I went outside, among the many folks standing in the street was a male of college age standing there with his stupid video camera and shooting snuff footage of the buildings and the people trapped inside burning. At that moment I hated that little jerk as much as the perpetrators themselves.
One never knows how people will react. Someone who was widowed told me that afterwards people confided that they wouldn't mind.
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