Thursday, April 20, 2006

154. More on Puddlehoppers

On the little planes that come here, the pilots do a lot. They open the door to the plane for the passengers, they make sure the right people are on the plane, they help passengers put their luggage on the plane, they unload the cargo, etc. The little door that the passengers use to come in and out has to be opened from the outside. After landing, the pilot exits through a door next to his/her seat and climbs out on to the wing so he/she can open the door for the passengers. The people get on the plane and the pilot closes the flap and then climbs in the plane. Here are some pictures, featuring Jeremy, a pilot with Frontier Air.

Great post! It is details like this that are so intriguing to folks who have not yet visited the northwest sector of Alaska.
I especially liked the detail about the pilot climbing onto the wing to open the passenger door.
Welcome home. Was it nice and toasty warm in Anchorage?
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