Tuesday, March 28, 2006

148. Russia

I was surprised to realize I am only about 200 miles from Russia. Very tempting to just jump on a snowmachine and ride over there. The ocean in probably frozen over enough and I doubt the border is well guarded. I was warned, however, that if I am caught I might be shot at, put in jail, and have my snow machine taken away.

THe crossing is very dangerous. The ice actually moves and shifts and there are open leads....but in theory, yes you could ride across in perfect conditions with the right equipment. You wouldn't get shot at......the shore is not guarded. Once the authorities noticed you were there (which might actually take a while) you would probably get in trouble for not having some kind of visa, but they won't shoot you nowadays.
I googled Kotzebue Jew and found your blog. I'm going to Kotzebue next week, so I'll be there on Passover. Is there a Jewish community in Kotzebue? LNJ@ak.net
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