Monday, March 20, 2006

145. Happy spring!

I don't understand why, if today is the vernal equinox the time between sunrise and sunset is 12 hours and 17 minutes. I could understand if it was a few minutes off from exactly 12 hours, but only if the difference was less than the difference in the length of the day between one day and the next. The days are increasing by about 7 minutes a day.

Wow! That's an extreme change from day to day. So different from here in Israel.
I accidentally left the following comments under one of your old postings, instead of under your current one.

"This may be a silly question, but have you tried using an electric blanket while you sleep to either supplement, or even replace, your heater? Electric blankets work well (although I've never tried using one in a room where the temperature was below zero) and are inexpensive to use. As for the noise caused by the heater, you can try using silicone earplugs while you sleep. You can probably get an answer to your smoke detector question by contacting someone in your local government; please keep in mind that the government/legal structure in your town may be unique. By the way, I'm a Stuyvesant alum. - Mike"
Now You have more daylight than we have. Are the brighter days making things easier? I see that temps are still in the single digits.
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