Sunday, March 19, 2006

144. Aurora Borealis

Got some great northern lights nights Friday night. They were sort of a greenish-white color. At first when I saw them they were just a hard to see arc across the sky. As the night went on there were more arcs and thy were thicker and brighter. It was sort of like some kid took a glow in the dark crayon and was scribbling on the sky.

I could not get a picture of it (I don't know if my camera can take long exposures) so I went to the web and copied the picture that looked the closest to what I saw. (Except the sky was darker, the ocean was frozen, the green wasn't as green, and there were more arcs. but other than that...)

So I feel like that would be one of the best parts of living so far north. Once I went to Wisconsin during the summer and was able to see extremely hazy northern lights. But nothing like that picture. I am jealous :)
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