Thursday, March 09, 2006

140. KOTZ radio

We only get one radio station, an NPR station out of Kotzebue. If you want to get them on your computer, go to .

I have often said that they play a very wide variety of songs. I was more convinced of that yesterday morning when I woke up to "Ani maamin" (a fast wedding type tune, not one of the Shoah tunes).

They have announcements,including "Mary, please call sharon whn you have a chance at 442-xxxx", "There is a garage sale at the Smith's today from 12 to 4", and "Someone found a copy of Stephen king's Needful Things over on third". (Kotzebue is much bigger than Deering and actually has several streets.) They have a time every day when they read all the birthday messages they get.

Right now they are broadcasting some high school and middle school basketball tournament with teams flown in from a lot of the villages here. It is very informal. Aparently some kid named Matthew needs to tie his shoelaces. She was not sure how to pronounce some kid's name, so she spelled it on the air (Ikaaq) and some people called in to tell her the pronounciaton.

Reminds me of the radio station in Windsor, Ontario, that broadcasts garage sales on the weekends. You call up, describe on air what you have, price, etc., and where you are.
The Community Radio announcements are just what most farming communities have in rural Texas. it's interesting to listen to, if one listens to AM at all.

When you mention several communities participating in a school basketball tournaments, it struck me that road games must be horribly expensive for any sports team there. You just can't pile everyone into a school bus. Do they fly commerical airlines or do people in the community donate the use of their private planes? Do many Deering residents have their own private planes?
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