Wednesday, March 08, 2006

139. Cake walk

I am not 100% sure that a "cake walk" is unique to this area, or if it is pretty common elsewhere and I just never heard of it. Well, since I have never heard of it before, I'll assume everyone wants to hear about it. It is a way of making money, in this case for some women's basketball association. This is sort of an alternative to a bake sale.

It is set up with a circle of numbers on the floor. For each round, everyone pays to walk (in this case, 50¢). Everyone who is in stands in a circle around the numbers. Someone plays music and everyone walks around the numbers. When the-power-that-is turns off the music everyone stops and stands by the number they are closest to (one to a number). Then the power-t-i draws a number from a bag and whoever is on that number gets a cake. (If no one is on that number, she draws again.)

I did not win any cake. :-(

Not that I know a whole lot of detail, but a cake-walk is not unique to Deering, though perhaps their way of doing it is.

I have heard all sorts of descriptions of cake-walks as recreational/competitive activities -- the pre-Civil war south and slavery come to mind. And I believe that the popular phrase "cake-walk originates with the activity.
We used to have cake walks at our school carnivals back in the 1960s with wonderful homemade cakes as the prizes. That ended when the gov't stepped in and determined that cakes made in uncertified kitchens (like Mom's) were "unsafe". They still do cakewalks around here, with Hostess cupcakes, Twinkies, etc as the prizes. Feh
This is a very interesting morsel of food lore. I had not heard of this game.

I had heard of a competition by the same name, but had understood (perhaps incorrectly) the the cake went to the best walker--the one who displayed the most grace and style.
we had a cake walk at our carnival. We have this cute spinner that we use to choose the numbers (it adds to the effect, I guess). Someone walked away with 4 cakes so we had to start limiting people to make it fair!

When they told me that the kids would win cakes, I thought they meant slices of cake. We gave away whole cakes!
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