Sunday, February 26, 2006

134. Etiquette Lesson for the Day

Occasionally in business it is necessary for a woman executive to pay entertainment or other bills for men clients or to take their share of checks when lunching with men business associates. In all cases (for the sake of the man) a woman tries to avoid a public display of her financial arrangements. Onlookers cannot know the circumstances, and men are easily embarrassed by a career woman’s usurpation of their traditional role. Even if she is lunching a junior executive, it is courteous to allow him the dignity of seeming to pay the bill.
- Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Book of Etiquette, 1952

Not that I necessarily disagree, but that advice has the feeling of being fifty years old. The factors of embarrassment and dignity have dissipated.

What would Ms. Vanderbilt say about the phenomenon of a woman's listing herself at an online matchmaking site?
Did you notice the date at the bottom?
Yep, I sure did notice it. That's why I thought "the feeling of being fifty years old" comment would be irrefutable. :-)
OK, so I'm dense
"Dense is good," say the osteoporosis specialists.

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