Thursday, February 23, 2006

133. Brrrrrrrrrrr

It is currently -5 F / -21 C. My heater broke. I'm about to spend my third night without heat. Fortunately I have lots of blankets. Years ago when I was living in Phoenix, my air conditioning broke in 117 F / 47 C. I guess this is the worlds way of balancing everything out (actually the Phoenix heat was worse).

Well, You've lived in Phoenix and you're living in Deering. Maybe if later you move to Cherrapunji you'll have the hat-trick.
Ya know what?
Last week, when you guys were up in the mid-twenties for a few days, it went down to 16 at night here. There may have been a few hours when it was colder in New York City than in Deering.
Cherrapunji, India. I learned about it when I was working at NASA. Place on earth with highest rainfall. Some years over 1,000 inches.

Whoops, I just googled them--rainfall is way down in current global climate crisis. They still gat more rain than we can imagine, but it is not enough.
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