Tuesday, February 14, 2006

131. Weather report from 5 am

It is 5 am and I can not sleep because it is so windy! The wind is LOUD!!! So I had to check the weather. Temperature: 37 F / 3 C. Wow - above freezing!!! Windchill 23 F / -5 C. That doesn't sound like that big a difference, considering how loud the wind is. Wind: 38 mph / 61 km/h from the SE. Wind Gust: 45 mph / 72 km/h . What is the difference between the wind speed and the wind gust speed? We are currently under a US severe weather warning: "A High Wind Warning remains in effect until 6 PM AST this afternoon. South to southeast winds 25 to 40 mph with gusts to 60 mph will continue through the day today. A High Wind Warning means hazardous high winds are expected. Take precautions to protect life and prevent property damage." I wonder if the planes will fly today. I wonder how well this house was built. I wonder if these winds can pick up or slam around a 23 pound schnauzer. I guess I will go back to bed to enjoy the nice cozy feeling of snuggling under some blankets nice and warm while I hear the wind outside.

Do you have any of those flexible wrist and ankle weights that people wear to do aerobics and "power walking"? maybe you could put some of those on Max when you go out. He won't like it though.

You can't make him wait until 6:00PM, though. Make sure you have a strong leash. reinforce the weak points.
Don't worry, he was on the end of a short leash with me on the other end. The wind might blow aroun a 23 lb schanuzer, but not a never-mind-how-much full grown woman.
Yes, but was he flying around like a kite or baloon?
Hey, I enjoy parasailing, why wouldn't Max?
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