Tuesday, February 07, 2006

127. Local Tragedy (I hope you're sitting down)

A lot of villages (including this one) only get one channel, unless you have satellite. It is ARCS, which stands for Alaska Rural Communication Service. What they show varies from one night to the next; one night they show the prime time shows from NBC, another night the primetime shows from FOX, etc. Well, last Sunday THEY DID NOT SHOW THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!! Apparently ABC or whoever had the rights would not let them show it. (In case you're wondering, my past Superbowl experience comes from watching the tapes made my a friend of mine, Scott R. in Portland, a bit after the date. He tapes the Superbowl, cuts out all the annoying football, and we watch the commercials.)

We had a similar experience with the SuperBowl when we lived in Norway. It was, of course, not on Norwegian TV. When we finally got a videotape from a friend in the U.S., we hosted a large, belated SuperBowl party attended by American and a good number of Norwegians. During the game, everyone chattered with each other, but, during the commercials, all eyes were glued to the TV set.

If you don't have a tape of this year's commercials yet, you can find them on Google Video.


I didn't see them all, but Budweiser, GoDaddy, and Hummer were very good. I see that GoDaddy has several ads marked "not seen on television". Hmmmmmmm.
I see Deering is now in the positive double digits. Spring is in the air!
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