Thursday, January 26, 2006

121. NASA astronauts

A few astronauts “visited” several schools in the area via teleconference and talked about their careers. They all had space experience. One was in a space station traveling at 5 miles per second around the earth. One game they had in zero gravity – they would open a bag of M&Ms and let them float around the cabin, while the astronauts raced to eat their assigned color. They tended by taking questions from the different schools. I got to ask the question I always wanted to know – how do bathrooms work in zero gravity? I don’t remember all the details, but mainly by suction, and they have restraints to hold the user in place. (If any of my students are reading this – notice how they stressed the importance of learning math and science!)

Like Homer Simpson eating the potato chips when he was an astronaut.
Think of the annoyances they must have gone through to finally come up with that system for using the bathroom. I MISS YOU (and your magic kisses!!!)
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