Sunday, January 22, 2006

120. Seeing Where I Am Going

Question from a posted comment: So, How do you keep all the skin on your face covered and still see where you are going?
It is a bit of a problem. I have clothing that covers everything except my eyes. (The Taliban would like it here!) The problem is that when I breathe, the coverings deflect my breath to my glasses where it instantly freezes into a whitish translucent layer of frost. Then I can barely see through my glasses and kind of guess where I am going. I have ended up walking into and falling into a lot of snowbanks this way.
I will have to find out what other people do. I don’t see everyone else wandering into the snowbanks. Of course, that might just be because my glasses are to fogged up to see them. Actually, other people can see, because sometimes someone says hello to me and I look around trying to figure out where (and who) they are.

What about
1--contact lenses (or could they freeze--yuck!

2--tying somthing around the middle of your face to direct your breath away from your glasses?
Try works well at channeling the fog away from your eyes anbd keeps your face warm. If you make sure it fits snugly hot air won't escape through the top and fog your glasses.
Two other possibilities:

1) Get a pair of fog-free ski goggles. You should find them at any ski shop or at multiple web sites online.

2) Find a ski mask with a looser weave around the mouth/nose. It will be less obstructive to air flow and not have so great a tendency to deflect air flow upward.
At least the weather advisory has passed for the time being.
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