Saturday, January 21, 2006

118. Weather Report IV

It is currently -44 F / -42 C.
We are under an official US 'severe weather advisory': "A Wind Chill Advisory means that low wind chills to 55 below zero are expected. If going outdoors... be prepared. Be careful to cover all exposed skin."
The skin on my legs got chapped THROUGH MY CLOTHES!

Wow, That is so cold! What do folks do about keeping your faces covered? I looked at the weather report and see that it is now -45 and the record low is -47! I remember in 10th grade Mr D'Alleva gave us an exercize to find: A. the temperature at which degress fahrenheit = negative degrees celsius (and that seemed plenty cold enough!) and B. the temperature at which degrees fahrenheit = degrees celsius. You guys are even past that!
I rememeber asking my 7th grade math teacher at what temperature did Farenheit and Celcius meet. She said they never met. I felt they HAD to meet somewhere, but she insisted they didn't.
She said they never met?


This jerky turkey was licensed to teach math? Ooooh; now I'm so upset.

-32 = 9/5x - x
-32 = 4/5 x
-40 = x

geez louise, what is this world coming to?
My day school was a real pit of ignorance too. Borukhashem we had Stuy.

So, How do you keep all the skin on your face covered and still see where you are going?
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